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“W” Magazine, April 2001

“Spas are finding ways to give jaded sybarites something to restore their faith in sensual pleasure… treatments that explore the boundaries of self-pampering. Twenty stones, four hands, one body. We’re warning you: After you’ve had two therapists knead and stroke your body with heated river stones, you won’t want to go back to the mundane one-therapist massage.

During the initial moments of the hour-long Rock Your World treatment at Dream Spa & Apothecary, situated in a charming 200-year-old house, you may feel a little self-conscious. Are the masseusses elbowing each other over your cellulite? Smirking about your tan lines? And who’s doing what, exactly? But after five minutes of undivided attention from two sets of skilled hands and 20-odd hot rocks, you’ll find yourself floating in a space somewhere between relaxation and euphoria”