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Manicure and Pedicures

by dream spa & salon
Treat yourself to weekly manicures and monthly pedicures to keep your nails in tip-top shape with our dreamy nail salon services. From buffing calluses and hangnails to rehydrating and rejuvenating your skin, our experienced nail techs are committed to restoring your hands and feet to healthy, smooth perfection. The relaxing effects of our state-of-the-art reclining pedicure spas will immerse you in deep relaxation while an invigorating whirlpool foot bath relieves accumulated tension from your back.

Nothing matters more to us than your well-being. Therefore, we vow to always maintain the highest levels of cleanliness to ensure your safety, comfort and peace of mind whenever you visit us for a renewing manicure and pedicure session.

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Nurturing Services

For Smooth and Polished Hands And Feet


  • Essential Manicure$35

You can never go wrong with a classic.
  • French Manicure$40

Subdued elegance at your fingertips.
  • Warm Paraffin Manicure $45

Paraffin manicures provide an excellent remedy for dry and cracked hands, restoring them to their soft, supple state.
  • Hot Rock Manicure $50

The star of this treatment is our deeply relaxing hot rock and arm massage, specially designed to help relieve tension and relax your muscles.
  • Essential Mani/Pedi Combo $90

Back to the classics, with twice as many benefits.
  • Shellac Manicure $55

What could be better than a manicure that lasts as long as two weeks? Our Shellac manicures deliver long-lasting results that won’t chip and require no drying time — simply brilliant!
  • Dream Hands $50

Our signature manicure includes all the basics plus an exfoliating treatment and a moisturizing mask with cozy mitts followed by a rejuvenating massage of the hands and forearms. The grand finale begins with your choice of polish to complement this luxurious experience.
  • Dream Hands/ Feet Combo $110

You deserve the best things in life, and we are here to make your dreams come true! Add a dreamy pedicure to your dream hands treatment –– lose yourself in this calming experience that will leave your hands and feet smooth and nourished.


  • Essential Pedicure $60

A luxurious classic that never disappoints.
  • Shellac Pedicure $75

Our Shellac pedicures offer a long-lasting, glossy finish that stays both smudge and chip free for up to two weeks.
  • French Pedicure $65

Always in style –– our French pedicures are the ultimate expression of elegance.
  • Warm Paraffin Pedicure $80

The thermotherapeutic benefits of our paraffin treatments stimulate blood flow, which helps relax muscles and reduces stiffness in joints, providing relief from pain and boosting skin elasticity.
  • Dream Feet $70

Our signature pedicure includes everything your feet need for flawless results — including an exfoliating scrub, hydrating masks, and a soothing foot, ankle and calf massage; you’ll leave feeling like you’re walking on a cloud. Complete the experience with your choice of polish.
  • Ginger Lemongrass Pedicure $75

Give your tired feet a stimulating and energizing experience thanks to the revitalizing properties of our ginger and lemongrass scrubs.
  • Hot Rock Pedicure $80

Smooth and warm stones carefully massage your feet and legs, reshaping our essential pedicure into a transformative experience.
  • Reflexology Pedicure $225

A one-hour-long reflexology massage followed by a soothing essential pedicure provides the ultimate treat for your feet.
  • Pumped Up Pedi $80

Our essential pedicure plus an additional soothing massage to transport you into the land of dreams.
  • Pedi With A Purpose $75

Our essential pedicure service with the added bonus of callus buffing and smoothing care.

NEW! Dream Add-Ons For Hands And Feet!

Enrich and enhance your experience with our nourishing manicure and pedicure add-ons!

  • Warm Oil Hand Treatment $10

What could feel better than a warm, essential oil-infused dip and rub? Request a warm oil add-on for your next hand treatment and experience the nourishing benefits of our luxurious spa products.
  • Warm Oil Foot Treatment $10

Keep your feet, nails and cuticles nourished with our warm oil foot treatment!

Take a trip to cloud nine with our lush manicure and pedicure treatments

Relax. Refresh. Renew. Treat yourself to one of our luxurious manicure and pedicure treatments that’ll leave you feeling like new. Schedule your appointment at dream spa & salon today!

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