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DAYSPA Magazine, April 2009

Nestled in a charming 125-year-old Colonial house, Dream Spa & Salon is sophisticated and upscale – just like the affluent coastal Connecticut town of Westport in which it’s located. And like it’s hometown, which was the first in the Nutmeg State to ban plastic bags from grocery stores, Dream Spa is one of the only facilities of its kind in the area to make major eco-friendly moves.

“We needed to and – more importantly – wanted to get with the times,” says owner Lori Dodd, who opened Dream Spa in 2000 after spending 20 years in the retail, design and beauty industries. “We wanted to do the right thing for ourselves, and it also helps us get ahead of the competition. The modern spa guest asks for green, looks for green and makes decisions based on how green your services and environment are.”

That’s why Dodd recently reopened Dream Spa after a thorough renovation. She used it as a way to jump-start the total greening of her spa environment. But despite this step toward the industry’s future, Dodd and her team still have a strong grounding in well-established spa traditions.