Dream Westport ~ Packages

... choose from the following or let us help create the perfect dreamday.

Cloud nine

A full day of extreme dream. Includes a private aromatherapy steam shower, dream facial customized to your skin type, a detoxifying body treatmen, Swedish massage, dream hands manicure and dream feet pedicure. A delightful spa lunch is included.

Wake up call

A wonderfully relaxing half day of dream includes a dream facial, swedish massage, essential manicure and pedicure and a tasty spa lunch.

Dream Essentials

A 30 minute Swedish massage, followed by a mini facial and finished with our essential manicure; all of our essentials in 1 1/2 dreamy hours!

Scrub, rub and dip

Choose our classic salt glow or sugar scrub, add a swedish massage, end with a warm paraffin dip manicure and voila...emerge a new, dreamier you!

Fluff, buff and puff

A delightful way to experience all that is dream. Includes an aroma facial, swedish massage, warm paraffin hand treatment and relaxing scalp treatment. In less than three hours, we'll fluff, buff and puff you into the dream zone.

Dream a little dream

Especially for moms-to-be. An essential manicure and pedicure, a relaxing and calming maternity massage and dream facial to enhance your glow. A dreamy spa lunch is included.

Dream girl

Make a date for your dream teen to enjoy a first facial, essential manicure and eyebrow shaping. A dream day she'll always remember.

Basics for the Boys

Man-datory facial, deep tissue massage, and essential pedicure. Just the basics and just right for him.

Stay for an hour or two
or more than a few...